Property Developer

A unique distribution tool that ensures a much easier and clearer document flow when selling apartments.

The property developer can easily upload documentation and specify its availability per apartment, categorized by supplier. Buyers can use a built-in form for subsequent inquiries.

BonaMea is tailored to sharing management, operation and maintenance (MO&M) information between the property developer, buyers and the board.

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MO&M for the buyers and the board

Making a new apartment building available is as easy as 1-2-3: add a new building, upload documents/photos, and provide secure access to the buyers.

With one joint Data Room per building and a unique Data Room per unit/apartment, it has never been easier to share MO&M documentation.

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Secure sharing of MO&M

Property developer defines the structure of document directories, adapted for each individual apartment. The directory structure can easily be changed from one building to another.

All buyers have access to a joint Data Room with documentation regarding the common areas, in addition to a unique Data Room containing documentation regarding their own apartment. When uploading documents, it is easy to choose which apartments will have access to the same documentation.

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Easy and secure access management

Access is provided by using the recipients mobile number, and the password is sent by SMS. The system poses no limitations on the amount of data or number of users.

Bona Mea is a closed system. This ensures that all information is kept safe and secure and is only available to the users who have the required access rights (property developer, buyer, property broker, the board). A digital form is available to buyers for complaints or other inquiries.

Property Developer
From 25 EURper apartment, plus onetime establishment 500 EUR

  • Joint Data Room per building and unique Data Rooms for each apartment
  • Digital complaint form
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Continuous storage
Access to more than 12 months of secure storage is subject to a separate agreement.
All prices shown are excl. VAT.


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