Data Room

Our Data Room is a digital distribution tool that ensures a much easier and clearer document flow when selling a property or business.

Regardless of which broker system is used, our Data Room is a safe choice for both document storage and sharing between buyer and seller.

BonaMea is a Data Room tailored to and optimized for executing transactions.

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All documents in one place

Gather important documents in one place using predefined directories, and gain full control and overview over them. The directory setup can be changed from one transaction to the other with a few easy steps.

We offer the possibility to easily upload new documents and images using our drag and drop functionality, as well as customized import of due diligence request list from existing systems.

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Q&A - Questions and answers

Inside the Data Room, users with access can ask questions and get answers. The interface is easy to use and secure. Questions can relate to the entire Data Room, a single directory or an individual document.

The individual user gets notified daily if there is new, unread information.

Screenshot Data Room

Easy and secure access management

Access is provided by using the recipients mobile number, and the password is sent by SMS. Access reports contain a complete overview of who has read what and when. The system poses no limitations on the amount of data or number of users.

The entire sales process becomes more intuitive and cost-effective.

Only 500 EURper Data Room

  • Unlimited number of users
  • 12 months of secure storage
  • Q&A - Questions and Answers
  • Support
Access to more than 12 months of secure storage is subject to a separate agreement.
All prices shown are excl. VAT.


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